How to create a simple Share Sheet (UIActivityViewController) in SwiftUI

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share sheet — iOS

On many scenarios, We have used this share sheets in iPhone. Mostly,

  1. Airdrop something to a nearby person.
  2. Send something via iMessage, Whatsapp or Mail.

How to achieve this in SwiftUI? Let’s learn this 👨‍💻

To create a Share sheet we have to do 3 simple steps,

  1. Get the data you want to share
  2. Create a UIActivityViewController object and attach the data with this
  3. Present the UIActivityViewController

guard let data = URL(string: “") else { return }

Here, we have created an URL. This is the data we are going to share using the share sheet.

let av = UIActivityViewController(activityItems: [data], applicationActivities: nil)

Now, we have created a UIActivityViewController object. Here, we need to pass the data we need to share in the activityItems: argument.

activityItems: [Any] is an array which accepts any data type., animated: true, completion: nil)

In the last step, we are finding the current window and present the UIActivityViewController which we have created in the previous step.

Here will give us the control of current working view controller.

Let’s put this in a function and call it will a button action, So the final code will be like below,

And the output will be like this,

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Thank you 🙏

Automation QA Engineer by profession. Learning iOS Development.

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